Babies who are just around 7 to 8 weeks old can also suffer from constipation, bloated stomach, and gas. If your baby is also suffering from constipation don’t worry there are some good and effective baby constipation home remedies that can provide relief to your baby. We have noticed that baby constipation is not an uncommon problem but there are many good solutions for this problem.

These home remedies for constipation are also safe and has been tried by many mothers who are troubled by constipation in their babies. If your baby suffers from constipation quite frequently you can try these remedies at home and you will be able to avoid constipation in babies for the most part.

Usually, small babies feed on their mother’s milk, and sometimes if mothers have food that can cause constipation those ingredients can also be passed onto the babies and they can also suffer from constipation. Many times mothers introduce external baby food too early and that can also cause baby constipation.

When babies suffer from constipation it can cause them pain in the abdomen, subside their hunger, and refuse to eat or feed. When constipation lasts for too long, the stool can get hardened and it can hurt their colon, rectum, and anus.

Babies have very soft bodies and digestive organs and it may become difficult to administer laxatives that are suitable for adults hence we should try constipation remedies for babies or natural laxatives like metrotimes that are gentle for the babies and also provide them relief.

1. Prune Juice

Prune juice is a highly effective juice that relieves constipation. But for babies, it should be diluted. You should put one to two teaspoons in a glass of water and then give a quarter to half a glass depending on the age of your baby.

2. Apple Juice

Apple juice can also provide good relief. You can give this juice directly or diluted it a little bit. You may need to give it two to three times a day. If the baby can take external food then boil an apple in slow heat, mash it, add very little sugar, and give it to your baby.

3. Orange Juice

Orange juice has also been found to be effective and you can take fresh juice and give it to the baby.

4. Massage the Abdomen

Take little mustard oil and apply it on feet and hands. Now slowly massage the oil slowly on the abdomen in a circular motion. Now wash the abdomen with room temperature water. If you do this daily your baby will rarely suffer from constipation.

5. Suppository

You can also use suppository through the rectum. I have seen this to be very effective in many babies and they get almost instant relief.

The above natural remedies for baby constipation can be tried and your baby would find relief but in case your baby does not find relief even after these remedies then you should consult your doctor since that may indicate some serious problems also though at the onset it looks like a simple case of constipation.