What’s hot – and what’s not – for fall 2020?

Whether you’re in New York City, Nashville, or Napa Valley, it’s time to shop for:

1) A more style-conscious office wardrobe (in other words: forget about “casual Friday” attire!).

2) Polished Pantsuits (hint: Grandma’s pink polyester pant outfit is NOT chic for fall).

3) Accessories with an attitude (it’s the return of the beloved belt!).

4) Sleek but sexy evening attire (those oversized flower fabrics have vanished – and not a minute too soon)/.

5) Practical purses with personality (yes, Virginia, you can toss that oversized handbag that you secretly loathed!).

More details on how to have an Awesome Autumn Attitude:

1) A more style-conscious office wardrobe:

The good news: a comfort-conscious version of classic office attire is in for fall.

The bad news: if you tend to wear “casual Friday” styles from Monday through TGIF Day, be aware that “comfort” is NOT defined as baggy jeans and worn-out tennis shoes.

Fall 2006’s work-right look calls for sleek linen pants, crispy cut blouses, and low-heeled shoes. Skirts with matching jackets definitely belong in your wardrobe in subtle shades of blue, green, and – if it’s right for your skin tone – power red.

You can always buy wholesale clothing in UK for better prospects if you’re financially well off to do so even though wardrobe malfunctions are quite prevalent in the industry.

2) Polished Pantsuits:

Much as we love Great-Aunt Myrtle and Grandma Rose, we cannot pretend that their polyester pink pantsuits with lace colors are chic for fall 2006.

What IS very much in vogue: the old-fashioned pantsuit upgraded to new-fashioned styles. Whether you love oversized jackets that match loosely flowing pants or wasp-waist versions with sleekly clinging slacks, the 2006 fall incarnation of the classic model offers lets you choose what suits you. Look for a rainbow of hues as well (and apologies to Grandma, but Pepto-Bismol pink is not among the options!).

3) Accessories with an attitude:

Belt believers, rejoice: sassy sashes are swashbuckling their way into style for fall 2006! Look for slimmer lines that flatter your waistline.

Clinging to your ultra-wide belts from 2005? Love the low, almost-sliding-off-your-hips look? Not this season (but we hear whispers that just maybe, for spring 2007….).

4) Sleek but sexy evening attire:

The basic black dress takes on a new angle (literally!) with a one-shoulder strap chic. Feel like an old-fashioned vamp at a cocktail party by dressing it up with a simple gold necklace or silver filigree earrings.

Just doesn’t feel like your style? Try a plum or russset-colored evening dress with a classic neckline. Add matching heels, and you’re ready for a glorious night on the town!

5) Practical purses with personality:

If you’ve been lugging around a purse the size of a Buick, give it the deep six (or use it as a suitcase!). Celebrate autumn’s back-to-school ambience with a schoolbook-sized tote in brick red or grass green.

Need a larger style? Go for a multi-compartment briefcase slim shape that magically expands.