One of the biggest differences between social networking sites Facebook and myspace is how quickly, easily, and often you can change everything about the way your Myspace profile works. Font sizes, colors, backgrounds, styles, everything in Myspace is moveable and customizable if you can find the right html code. Things are a lot stickier in the Facebook world, however.

In Facebook , every user has the standard white and blue profile background, and there is currently no application or controls provided by Facebook to make any changes to this. Facebook actually doesn’t even have anything in their help center on this topic. The idea behind not allowing users to easily change the appearance of the profile is to keep profiles looking clean and not muddied up. The obvious debate to this is why Facebook creators should have any say (or care) or clean or dirty your profile is. After all, if they’re not your friends they wouldn’t be seeing it very often anyway. But until the update that adds this feature (which may or may not be on the way), Facebook itself won’t help you change your background or font styles.

There are many websites and multiple third party apps that claim to offer this feature. Use these with extreme caution, and make sure to do your research on them before going ahead and installing just anything on your PC or profile. Some of the reviews I’ve seen show that you can successfully make changes, but once changes are made, they’re impossible to remove, or at least other users haven’t been able to figure it out. If this happens, your only remaining option if you really want to get rid of the changes and can’t find another way may be to create a new profile, read all your friends and pictures, so on, so on.

Some of the website versions will also install their own toolbars or other software/spyware to your computer, which can result in your PC having a lot more issues than you bargained for. For help removing this type of software, see my article ‘How to Remove Mal-ware with MBAM.’ The link is at the end of this article.Malware is the biggest drawback that can ruin the content effect of any social media platform and Facebook is no exception and any reputed web design agency Sydney would advice you the same that is to remove the software from the source so as to give your PC a free hand at functioning in a proper manner.

As long as Facebook doesn’t offer this feature, it’s up to users to figure out what’s safe for themselves. If you’re unsure, it can be better to be safe than sorry. Ask your friends if they’ve tried some of the apps or websites you’re looking at, and read the forums and discussions on them. If multiple people had major issues, it may be your best bet to find another option.