In a word: yes. The web is well past adolescence; it’s a full-grown adult now, and your business needs to grow up, too, and show off a well made, thoughtfully crafted website. Here’s how to get started, the easy way:

Keep it simple. Making your website can be a shockingly easy do-it-yourself project, even for internet novices. Website creation services such as Yola and Jigsy enable you to choose an attractive “theme”, easily add text and photos that describe your business, and fill things out with Contact and About Us pages. This is all done using an intuitive interface right on their website; there’s no complicated software to install on your computer. You can also easily add custom email addresses like that make you look more professional. You can rearrange pages, graphics and text at any time just by dragging them to their new positions, or change the total look of the website with a click. They can also host your website for a nominal cost.

But first, get a domain name. A choice of domain name is an important decision. Your domain name, or URL (universal resource locator), is your www dot address that people will type into their browser. Choose one that both makes sense and is memorable. If your business is John Doe Landscapers, you might choose because it makes sense. It is important to use a .com suffix, and not .net or any other so choose a different domain name if your preferred name is not available as a .com.

If you take a look at the top 10 website designer in Mumbai, you will find that having a website is a great advantage for your business. This boost traffics and generate leads for your business. Hence, it is considered to be a good investment.

Sometimes it’s not possible to secure your preferred domain name — or anything even close. In this case simply choose another name that makes sense. In the example above, if the first name was not available, one could try or Avoid illogical abbreviations or using numbers in your domain name, like — it may sound catchy to you but it’s confusing to others. You can normally secure and pay for your domain name at the same place you build and host your website. Fees are nominal but vary; paying for several years at once is significantly cheaper.

Gather your information and begin. Things you will need to make your website are: clear, concise text that describes your business, principal players, services, pricing and company policies. You may need to consult with a professional copywriter or editor if you don’t feel up to writing yourself. You also may need sharp, informative photos or illustrations that help make your message clear. Depending on your business, these may need to show your actual products or services. If not, you likely can find useful generic photos at reputable outfits like iStockPhoto or ShutterStock that will fit your bill.

So you’re collecting pictures and info about your business and you’ve become filled with dread. What if you make a mistake? What if you find better photos later on? Don’t fret the details; remember, you can easily add and change anything later on. You’ve put this off long enough. Do it now, polish it later.

One final thing about beginning: flesh out your new website’s layout and navigation before you actually begin construction. It’s helpful to study other websites for ideas. Again, you can add or change things later, but you need a minimally efficient plan to begin with.

What if your business is huge and complex? You’ll need professional help unless you already understand sophisticated web design, or have the time to learn. If seeking a professional, ask other business owners or corporations who they use. Also, some of the larger web hosting companies such as have expert website creation staff and offer total web solutions for very large businesses.