Water is one of the key reasons why the human civilization has survived over the ages. Water is the most important resource on this planet. The human body itself is made of 70% water and what makes our earth unique is the availability of drinking water. But, did you know that water is of different kinds? Yes! The water you see can be categorized depending on its source, characteristics and composition.

Here are the different types of water that we can consume without any harm. Take a look –

  • Tap Water

tap water is the most form of water that is available everywhere. Tap water comes directly out from the faucet and we use it to accomplish the everyday tasks. It is used for cooking, cleaning, washing and other activities. Tap water is safe to drink in most areas and you can get it for free.

  • Mineral water

a very common term in today’s world, mineral is obtained from underground sources. That is why they are rich in minerals that includes calcium, magnesium, and manganese. Some brands can subject this water to extra treatment to make it more safer to drink. Due to the presence of these minerals, mineral water can taste salty.

  • Spring water

when rainwater gets accumulated in the ground it comes out from a leak as spring water. This kind of water is not passed through a water system but they are considered safe to drink. This is because it is derived from the underground.

  • Well water

if you have been to a village, you must have come across well water. When it rains, water seeps through the soil and gets collected below the surface to form underground pools. Deep wells are dug to bring out the water to surface from these pools.

  • Purified water 

very often people confuse mineral water with purified water. But they are quite different from each other. Purified water is obtained after it has gone through different treatments at a water plant. During the process of purification, all the bacteria and dissolved solids get removed. You can install a purifier at your home or get it delivered by a water supplier.

  • Distilled water

last but not the least, distilled water is the one which has been derived after it has gone through the process of osmosis and distillation. Due to such extensive purifying, there are no minerals or salt present in it. It will not cause any serious problems in the human system but can lead to mineral deficiencies in the body. That is why people don’t prefer drinking it.

So, these are the different kinds of water that are available in the market. Most of them are safe for drinking and keeping your body hydrated at all times. If you don’t have a water purifier at home, then you can opt for a water delivery near me service. They will deliver any amount of water you ask them and that too without any delay. Search the web and you will find many companies offering such services.