Life is a big exile that every living being has to go through in order to learn how to live it to the fullest where you have your fair share of joy and sorrow at regular intervals in order to test your enduring capacity.

We all desire to live life the way we want without having anyone to dictate terms for us in any manner but there are only a fortunate few that get to do so otherwise most folks do lead boring and mundane lives.

Agreed that everything cannot be hunky dory all the time or one cannot remain sad and dejected with a somber expression no matter how hard life can be because you can still find moments to laugh out loud or at least smile, which is why we have entertainment to keep us engaged.

Columnist Point

This brings us to the topic of Dallas Magazine because when you want a level of entertainment to bring a smile on your face, there is no better place than to scan magazines for they contain the various gossips about movie stars or the release date of the new James Bond or Marvel/DC comic book movies.

From a columnist point of view, magazines are considered the gateway in order to connect to the personal lifestyle of your favorite stars even though gossip columnists tend to exaggerate a little too much due to their habit of blowing things out of proportion.

D Magazine (Dallas shortened) is headquartered in Dallas, Texas as the name suggests that has a plethora of topics to look forward to right from entertainment, fashion, politics, food, business, entrepreneurship, etc. to name a few.

Youngsters are scarcely interested in business or politics although the current generation does tend to read these columns as well when they are published because they don’t just depend on entertainment stuff to pique their interests all the time particularly when they find star gossips as made up trivia that they themselves pay to the magazines just so as to hog the limelight.

D Magazine was founded way back in 1974 by Will Allison and Jim Atkinson, two prominent graduates from Texas University as they had wanted their home town to have its own magazine that the readers would enjoy.

They both had been working on this concept right from their very first year and printed its first copies in October ’74.

New Era

Nowadays people search websites to gather new info regarding any topic that takes their fancy but if you want to locate a long lost friend or distant family member then you have numerous websites to look forward to because the world has become a small place due to so many social media handles.

TruthFinder is the first one that comes to mind as it provides all necessary details to its users and also conducts database check on its users although you need a premium subscription to get going.

Instant Checkmate is another one that has its own website and mobile app for both Android and Apple users where new members are provided with uncapped searches at regular intervals after purchasing its subscription.