Any of great core exercises are comparable to muscle building exercises and routines. These exercises work the core muscles too an extent which will induce muscle growth in order to bear the force. Most people do not overload the core muscles . Multiple muscle groups form part of the core. Each one of the muscle groups requires to be worked so as to reach the flat abs goal. It is proven that instead of performing five days of low intensity ab workouts, it is fruitful to work the abs with high intensity for two days per week.

Crunches are one of the widely known great core exercise s. The crunches focus on strengthening the ab muscles by stretching and contracting them alternatively. The regular crunches focus on the upper part of abs , also known as rectus abdominal muscles. The crunches are easy to learn as they involve pulling the torso towards your knees. However, the problem is that most people do not maintain a good form while doing the crunches. Without proper form, any of the great core exercise s are useless.

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The exercise normally begins by lying down either on a mat or floor. The legs can be bent or straight. Ensure that the feet are not anchored to a support, if you are bending the knees. When you anchor the feet, the leg muscles and the hip flexors get involved more than the abs. This is a widespread method to cheat any of the great core exercises. If you use other muscles, the exercise does not exert required amount of stress on the upper abs and therefore, will not yield the full reward.

Another important thing is the position of the hands. All the great chest exercises have multiple options when it comes to specific movements. During crunches, the hands can be kept on the side. Beginners tend to use this hand position. Next level is to cross the hands on your chest. The third level is to take the hands behind the head and cross them on the shoulders. The general fault committed here is that folks are inclined to interlace their fingers and press on their head as they come up. All the great core exercises stress the importance of proper breathing. You need to exhale during the upward movement and inhale during the slow downward movement. For good results, the above technique is repeated 15 times.

It is significant to preserve form all the way through the core exercises. During the great core exercises, the fast twitch muscles of the core get worked, in order to get greatest results. The crunches will help with toning the abs. However, the body fat needs to be lowered to flaunt the six pack.