The idea of the government spying on the public is always something you see in movies and on television. Today, it’s not very far fetched at all. In 2001, Congress passed the Patriot Act to ensure the safety of Americans. Little did we know, our government has been using the Patriot Act to listen to our international phone calls. For most citizens, this isn’t really that big of a deal. How many of us really sit around and chat with terrorists from the middle east that often? I’m almost positive that whatever conversations are monitored are kept confidential. Personally, I don’t think any of this is a big deal at all. I have nothing to hide and never did. Do the people of the U.S. honestly care about being listened to if their phone calls have nothing to do with terrorism? It’s almost retarded. We’re all worried and upset about being protected from suicidal murderers. Along with the person, Government can use the Come spiare un iphone for spying on the iphones. The tracking of the iphone can be done through the application.

The world has become sick and sad in the last one-hundred years or so. There has always been a number of people with twisted minds, but nowadays we must be on the constant lookout for crime. People crying about their conversations being listened to need to shut up and forget about it. I can understand having a fit if the government starts using the Patriot Act to monitor every phone call for predicting any illegal activity, but that’s not what everyone is complaining about. Even if it was, I wouldn’t be complaining with them.

You know that the U.S. is going downhill when it’s people don’t mind a little bit of terrorism here and there. They can’t possibly care about anyone but themselves if they are wrapped up in fighting against the protection of Americans. Eventually, I would hope to see no “privacy” in the U.S. if this is supposedly and invasion of it. Privacy can mean anything. I really wouldn’t care even if the government started monitoring phone calls within the U.S. for reasons other than to stop terrorists. Crime is crime, and what better government is there than ours? We’ll all be monitored eventually and will have to accept it. The whole privacy thing won’t matter. Everything we do will be private – if it is legal.

There is a lot more to this than the government doing something it shouldn’t be doing. First, the government is doing a good job. I would thank George Bush in person if I could. The government is supposed to protect the people it serves. That’s one of the main purposes of government. Speaking against the government is something we’re entitled to, but just because it worked for good causes like equal opportunity doesn’t mean that it’s going to work for bad causes like returning to a greater state of vulnerability. It’s very very simple. The government is protecting us, and as far as I know, the government hasn’t put anyone in jail that made reservations for an underground spanking club in Germany. Cheese? Yep.