A Wi-Fi booster is a nifty solution if you have been suffering from poor broadband signal strength for long. It’s also the tool when you need to extend the broadband coverage of your Wi-Fi router, say from one single floor to all the floors of your house. A Wi-Fi booster pulls in existent poor Wi-Fi from your transmitter and then amplifies it prior to transmission. The end result is way faster speed and wider area coverage compared to what is provided by your Wi-Fi router. The current Wi-Fi accessory market is flooded with various models of boosters to choose from. But there is a catch- not all can promise an equally amazing performance.

However, no need to worry- the post below shares a brief on the major features you should look for while buying a top-notch Wi-Fi booster.

Coverage area

Consumer-grade Wi-Fi boosters come in wide range of coverage area options- ranging from 20,000 square feet to an even larger 80,000 square feet. Consider your coverage area needs before investing in a Wi-Fi booster. If you need broadband coverage for your entre home, a booster with 20,000 square feet coverage area would be good for you. But if you need the booster for a huge office building, look for boosters with wider coverage area.

Speed support

It would be wiser to invest in a booster which can support the most advanced 802.11ac speed standard. The 802.11ac speed standard promises 2.8x faster wireless speed compared to wireless N. If you need the booster for your office, you have to find a booster which is compatible with 802.11ac speed standard.

Minimum dual band support

The most advanced Wi-Fi boosters offer tri-band support where you get 2 5 Ghz bands as well as 1 2.4Ghz band. But these devices are extremely pricey. If you want superior performance in a mid-range budget, the dual-band boosters would be ideal for you. The dual-band boosters carry 2.4 Ghz as well as 5 Ghz bands and assure excellent speed for data transmission. You can use the 2.4 Ghz band for generic web browsing and 5Ghz for HD videos or similar more bandwidth-demanding uses.

Easy compatibility with routers 

This is another major feature to check out while you invest your hard-earned money into a Wi-Fi booster.

Put simply, you cannot use the booster if it’s not compatible with your existing Wi-Fi router. So, always check the compatibility quotient of your booster before you buy a one. As per the experts, it’s always wiser to get a booster that’s universally compatible with all kinds of Wi-Fi routers.

Ease of installation and operation 

A Wi-Fi booster with complex installation and operation demands is always a serious put-off. It’s smarter to look for a quality booster that is both easy to install and operate.

Satisfaction guarantee

Your chosen Wi-Fi booster must promise absolute satisfaction guarantee. You can bank on super boost wifi here as it assures 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Make sure to check both expert and user reviews and ratings before you invest your hard-earned money into a Wi-Fi booster.