Unlimited Internet access has become the rallying cry of the digital age. Due to the Internet’s prevalence in modern society, people need, rather than desire, unrestricted access to the Web. Bills must constantly be paid online, messages must be responded to and memos checked, and if anything goes wrong, you will most likely be informed via e-mail first. Therefore, when traveling abroad, one must take the proper precautions to ensure that they have no trouble obtaining Internet access when they need it. The following is a list of five pieces of technology that are indispensable to traveling in today’s world.

Unless you have absolutely no responsibilities, you will probably need computer access while you are out of the country. The best way to go about this is bringing a laptop with you. A desktop computer would be a burden to lug around, and I’m not sure how you would even get it on the plane. At any rate, a laptop is the most convenient type of computer to transport, and the kind favored by travelers. Even if you travel alone or group tours to Switzerland, it is important that you bring your laptop with you.

The most pressing reason for needing a laptop as described above is the need for Internet access. You will likely need to keep up with employers, friends, family, bills, or various projects while you are away. For that, you may need to buy or rent an Internet air card from an international wireless Internet provider. When you are on vacation, you do not want to have to work around the schedules of Internet cafes or figure out when they are least crowded. With an international mobile broadband device, you can have the World Wide Web right there at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Instead of carrying around a portable printer, you can just a bring a small USB drive with you so you can save any files you need to print and take it to a local library or print shop. Most libraries allow anyone to print documents for a small charge. While you do not want to be beholden to Internet cafes for access to the Web, printing from these locations is generally the most convenient option.

With a surge protector, you can charge all of your electronic devices with a single power supply. Most hotels do not supply these, so you will want to make sure to bring your own. A surge protector is invaluable when visiting developing nations, as many of them have unreliable power grids. The surge buster will prevent your hardware from being fried.

This is extremely important since the voltage of electrical power is not universal. Europe runs on 240v electricity, and the plugs may be different. A converter allows you to plug in your electronic devices and run them without worry of them being toasted by excessive energy levels.