It is at times funny and stupid coming across tons of negative advice pertaining to fitness and exercising. People who are ignorant concerning the workouts will easily fall prey to such types of fitness myths. However, individuals with knowledge on the same just laugh that off. It sounds funny that some think that the best workout time is the morning hours, why can’t it be evening? What relationship exists between the impact of your workout regimen and the time when a workout is done? The following paragraphs describe 5 biggest fitness myths. In order to know about the reality of the myths, a check click this site will educate with the correct and genuine information. The information about the biggest myths and reality behind it is shared with the people.

Here are the biggest myths that should be cleared –

Myth 1:

You can double your weight when you stop exercising

Truth: Such an advice scares many people even against starting any workout program. The real problem in stopping to exercise is our continuation to eat an amount of food similar to what we previously ate without the calories being burnt. For this reason, fat accumulates within our bodies and makes us fat. It is vital to have your diet altered depending on the extent to which you are active, a factor that helps in boosting your metabolism. Working out is not just about attending a gym. If you have no time of hitting the gym, make use of the staircases in place of the lifts while at your workplace.

Myth 2:

If you do not feel sore the following day, you have not exercised enough.


It is common to feel sore after a workout. However, failure to feel sore after a given workout will not necessarily imply that you have not had enough exercise. The most important factors are the intensity and the productivity of that given workout. As you start, there is a tendency of feeling sore after any workout. The sore and sluggish feeling fade once your body gets accustomed to the same. Do not therefore worry in case you don’t feel worked out or sore. Just concentrate on the productivity, intensity and the technique.

 Myth 3:

By performing crunches or other related abdominal workouts, you’ll be able to attain a flat stomach.


Doing crunches and any category of the abdominal exercises strengthens your core muscles. Spot reduction is non existent. Your body will steadily lose belly fats and that happens only after losing the overall body fats.

Myth 4:

The perfect time to work out is in the morning.

Truth: This myth comes from lazy individuals. No difference exists between a morning and an evening work out apart from time; just fix a given time and hit a 24/7 hr gym regularly, accordingly and sincerely. By visiting the gym or performing your exercises at some specific hours daily, you will be allowing the recovery of the body from the intensity that is associated with the workout.

Myth 5:

Running burns much more calories compared to walking.

Truth: The difference that exists between walking and running is the intensity associated with both. Running offers the heart a better workout through the increase of the heart rate. In every mile, walking and running burn a similar calorie amount.

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