Who said a romantic meal had to be enjoyed at a fancy restaurant? Fancy restaurants are not only expensive, but they’re also rarely romantic. A meal prepared at home, on the other hand, is not only romantic, but it’s affordable. Having a meal at home allows you to enjoy your partner’s company even more and romantic meals at home can be prepared more often, not just on special occasions.

There’s nothing like a nice, scrumptious dinner to make things better and if you have your better half for company, the feeling is indeed exhilarating to say the list and if there is a power cut, it can be converted into a candlelight dinner, making you reminiscent of the days when you were dating.

But, what do you prepare when having a romantic meal at home? Obviously, you don’t serve up meatloaf or hamburgers. When preparing a romantic meal at home there are four meals that work really well: steak, pasta, fondue, and seafood.

Romantic Meals at Home: Steak Dinner

Steak dinners are always romantic. This is probably due to the price of a steak dinner served at your local restaurant. These dinners are usually saved for special occasions, but why when you can prepare this meal at home for a fraction of the cost? For example, you could purchase the ingredients for a steak dinner including t-bone steaks, baking potatoes, broccoli, and rolls for what one steak dinner would cost in a restaurant.

Romantic Meals at Home: Pasta

Ethnic food is always a romantic choice. Maybe it’s the unfamiliarity with another culture or maybe it’s the step away from familiar tastes. Regardless of the reason, many people find ethnic restaurants to be very romantic. If you happen to be one of these people, why not recreate that atmosphere and meal at home? Purchase a candelabra and either a black or white table cloth for your kitchen table. Next prepare a simple, yet authentic Italian dish. You could either prepare spaghetti or even vegetable lasagna. For the end of the meal, don’t forget an authentic Italian dessert. Tiramisu is easy to prepare and quite delicious.

Romantic Meals at Home: Fondue

Fondue has recently made a huge comeback. There are now restaurants that only serve savory and sweet fondues and why not? Feeding your partner is sexy and romantic. This meal is made even more romantic when served in the comfort of your own home. Now, this is a meal that screams to be served in a comfortable atmosphere, like your living room. Move the coffee table, lay down blankets and several pillows and place the fondue pot on your coffee table. After enjoying a traditional cheese fondue, you could serve a chocolate fondue for dessert.

Romantic Meals at Home: Seafood

Why is seafood romantic? Well it may be because some seafood is considered to be an aphrodisiac. Oysters, for example, are said to put people into a very romantic mood. If you think your partner may need a little boost in the romantic department, serve them oysters. While raw oysters may not be the perfect option for everyone, many people enjoy fried oysters. So why are you waiting for? Go prepare a romantic meal at home.