Do you have plans to grow Kratom at home. The immense health benefits of Kratom are known far and wide by now. From boosting energy to alleviating chronic, Kratom has proved to be a wonder drug for health and wellness. Now, of course, there are Kratom Vendors around from where you can have your Kratom doses. But, having the plant in your own home will assure a seamless supply of Kratom leaves or extracts and that too at a much lower cost. The post below offers some tips to keep in mind to ensure good Kratom Vendors for your own self.

Fertile soil with right ph

The two most important factors to keep in mind for Kratom soil are- highly fertile soil and proper ph balance. You have to plant the tree in a soil that’s reach in humus. In regards to ph quotient, it should be something like 5.5-6.5. Lack of proper ph will prevent the plant from absorbing the needed nutrients from soil and that will eventually leave you with malnutritioned plants. If the soil mixture turns to be more acidic, add lime to increase the level of alkaline. Experts also suggest getting Epsom salt for the soil as that will help your Kratom plant to absorb the nutrient more effectively.

Hydration and drainage

Your Kratom plant needs both proper hydration ad proper drainage. It is often advised to plant the Kratom in a big pot which can hold water for a longer time so that the plant can stay hydrated for an extended time. But, then, your chosen pot should also promise proper drainage facility to eliminate risks of fungus from improper drainage and stagnant water. 

High humidity

Kratom plants are mostly grown in tropical countries of South East Asia which are famous for high humidity. In Bangkok, the humidity level ranges from 90-94 percent in morning and 53-70 percent in evening. It only means, your indoor Kratom plant needs exposure to minimum medium-range humidity. Now high level of natural humidity might not be possible when you are staying in a Western country. So, in that case, you should invest in a good humidifier to create the desired humidity indoors. 

How to gauge the right level of humidity for your Kratom plant? Well, if the humidity level is perfect, your plant will sport nice fresh glossy leaves. But, if you see discoloured leaves, it only means you have to increase the level of humidity. Also, remember, these plants have a tendency to shed off leaves when they are unhappy. If you see too many leaves around your Kratom, be careful.

Generous exposure to light

Kratom plant needs seamless exposure to light. You might consider investing in High Pressure Sodium device here as you will need high intensity light here. However, if you want a more economical option, invest in LED lights.

Finally, try to source fresh seeds as much as possible. It would be better if you already know somebody who has his/her Kratom plant indoor. You can always buy seeds online. But, you will inly receive dry seeds if the shipping takes time.