The Making Of ‘To The Horses’ Filmclip

15 Jun 2012



Almost a year ago now, I spent a dreamy week in LA with my two girlfriends Lola Thompson and Amanda ‘Zazi’ Charchian. Both of the girls are artists living in this amazing massive apartment. We spent the whole week cooking delicious breakfasts, making art, going to exhibitions and re-arranging their furniture. They actually only listen to vinyl and have the biggest record collection of anyone I know in their early twenties! Hundreds and hundreds of records. I was in paradise.

During that week, we decided to make a little Super 8 film for the title track of my album, To The Horses. As well as having a love of art and records in common, we are all obsessed with crystals (Lola and myself the uncut, raw kind, and Zazi the Swarovski kind!) As Zazi had spent the past year creating a massive hanging Swarovski crystal sculpture, we decided we really should take some footage of it for the video. We got to Zazi’s studio early to capture the morning light through the sculpture. I love this sculpture so much, it’s very mesmerizing to watch spin from the ceiling!

Afterwards, we took a trip in Lola’s beautiful old Chrysler Le Baron convertible (one of only 500 in the world!) to visit friends Gary and his daughter Forest’s ranch in Malibu. When we got up there I nearly died from excitement. This house was THE epitome of going ‘To The Horses’. Gary and his family have lived on their ranch for fifty years and are obsessive horse paraphernalia collectors! Their home was floor to ceiling all things horses, cowboys and Native America. I had found my Ranch Heaven. What unbelievable luck! Quite by accident, I had made it To The Horses.

Once we got past exploring the inside of their ranch, we met Cappi, one of Forest’s lovely horses. It was love at first sight for me. I still dream about his blue eyes. I wish I could go and live up there for a while and ride him all day.

We took crystal chandeliers we borrowed from an antique store in LA and hung them in the trees to see the light run through them, played on the rusted out cars and had rumbles in the succulent garden. I rode Cappi as much as I was allowed to, and gave him a good wash. After our ranch adventure, Lola drove us to a beautiful isolated Malibu beach. We had races on the beach and enjoyed the last of the rays.

This was one of the most memorable days of my life. I’m so happy to be finally sharing this video with everyone! It’s the perfect visual representation of my favourite song from my first album ‘To The Horses’. It’s also perfect timing really, almost a year since we shot this video, to celebrate my upcoming national tour ‘On My Own Track’.

This is exactly what I love doing, making music and art, getting out of the big smoke, exploring new places, and being with people who enjoy the same. Whether it’s a day in Malibu or any one of the beautiful places in Australia I have been lucky enough to visit, these adventures sustain and inspire me.

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